Mission, Vision & Values


The Institute for Student Success promotes retention and timely graduation from the University of Connecticut by empowering students to achievement, self-discovery, and individual growth through advising, community building, mentoring, academic engagement, and exposure to life transformative experiences. Driven by our orientation towards personalized and holistic support, ISS provides integrated, intentional, and innovative services to increase access and educational equity, and engage students in and out of the classroom. We provide bridges between high school and college and serve to overcome barriers of participation in higher education for traditionally underrepresented populations, as well as all undergraduates during their transition and continued enrollment at UConn.



The Institute for Student Success will be a driving force in moving student success forward at UConn. Using a data-driven approach, we will continue to develop innovative approaches and creative programs to improve student outcomes. Through individualized programs and services, ISS will promote an inclusive and engaging undergraduate experience where all student populations discover their passions, reach their fullest potential, and are prepared for lifelong success.



  • Inquiry & Discovery
    • We cultivate an atmosphere of inquiry and self-discovery, promoting creativity and an entrepreneurial culture to explore possibilities. Students are empowered to define success for themselves and are supported towards making that vision a reality.
  • Community
    • Our work exists to create belonging and community. We collaborate with the UConn campus community to promote respect, inclusion, and safety where students find connections and build lifelong relationships.
  • Access & Equity
    • We promote access to higher education and postsecondary learning opportunities for all students. We value and advocate for an equitable environment where students learn, grow, and engage across the campus community.
  • Student Development
    • We provide a student-centered environment that develops strengths, fosters intellectual curiosity, promotes student well-being, and prepares students for their post-graduation lives.